Who We Are

Our History

Founded in 1909, the First Baptist Church of Pitman has deep roots within the Pitman community. Since our birth, we have had our ups and downs, victories and defeats, but we remain steady in our purpose. We are community of care and service empowered by prayer, action, and our love for Jesus.

First Baptist Church of Pitman is all about love and faith for God and our fellow human. We demonstrate these characteristics through regular acts of service to our local community and beyond. We are not your typical Baptist church at all. In fact, most of our members come from various denominational backgrounds and have spent their adult lives in and out of various churches looking for that special place where they can both be loved and love others.

We are a community of nurturing followers of Jesus Christ. You can find us in many places. We are in the schools, the banks, the local businesses. You can find us on a soccer field, in the kitchen or in the hospital. And on Sunday mornings, you can find us at 30 North Broadway in Pitman, worshipping the Lord who has given us life to share. Everywhere we are, we are seeking to live out our mission of love and faith.

Notice that it is active and when we live it, people's lives are transformed. God's grace (real unconditional love) pours into us. So if you are looking for a church that is more than a building, but a group of people who are loving God and loving others, then First Baptist Church of Pitman might be just the church you are looking for.

Our Mission

We are a community of care and service empowered by prayer, action, and our love for Jesus

Our Values

We are a group of people who want to share God's love to everyone. We care for and love our church, community, and ourselves

Our Culture

We believe the church is not a building but it is a group of people who want to be more like Jesus. Jesus was radical in his lifestyle and he generously loves those who need it. Much like Jesus, we love and want to help everyone regardless of how you identify yourself. 

All services are held in the courtyard (outside) until further notice. In the event of inclement weather please stay home and enjoy our services which are streamed on Facebook and Youtube. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing or 6 feet apart from others.
If you are experience ANY of the following, please refrain from joining us at this time:
  1. A temperature of 100.4 or above.
  2. A chronic cough.
  3. Experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.
  4. Come in contact with a person who has COVID-19, OR with a person who has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, in the past two weeks.
  5. Have been out of the country in the past 2 weeks.
  6. Have a compromised immune system.
  7. Can’t keep your mask on for an extended time.
To learn more about what how and why we worship Jesus click HERE

Visiting Us & What You Can Expect 

Meet Our Staff

Randy Van Osten, Pastor


Julie-Ann Whitley Green, Music Director


Gabrielle Bowen, Church Secretary