The more we know of God, the more we stand in awe.  

The more we understand God, the more we live to seek peace in His name.  

The more we hear of what God has done, the more driven we are to love others unconditionally.  

For this reason, it is imperative that believers of all generations must continue to grow in their knowledge of God.  No one can completely comprehend God, and so we must continue to learn.

Join a Small Group!!

Thursday Lunch and Learn Group- 12-2pm 

If you would like to learn about other opportunities, please contact Pastor Randy to introduce you to one of our FBCOP family members.

VBS from June 2017

Kids discover they are lovingly crafted by God. On this interactive adventure, curious kids become hands-on inventors and experience God - the ultimate Maker - in new and wildly creative ways. One important Bible point is introduced each day and is reinforced through Bible verses, songs, and explorations that help children know they were created by God and built for a purpose.