We offer two opportunities every Sunday to worship God together.  At 9:30am, we offer a Traditional Service- Hymns, Liturgy, and Tradition.  At 11am, we offer Interface Worship- "Where a community comes together to interact with the Indescribable, Almighty, and Loving God." More flexible, innovative, and interactive gathering with prayer, modern music, the Word, and hands-on teachings.

Got Kids?  So do we.

Children's Sermon
We believe in the Word calling us to reach out to the youth.  And so each Sunday During Interface Worship at 11am, we offer:

                 Infant -4 years
                 Please sign child in at beginning of service.
                 Nursery workers will contact parents via text
                  message if necessary during service.
Kids' Church:
                 K-5th grade
                 Please sign child in at before beginning
                  of service.
                 Children remain in service until after opening worship set.  
                 Then leave sanctuary for . . .
                         Bible Based Lesson
                         Snack (please let workers know at sign-in if
                         your child has any food allergies so we may provide a                                             good snack)
                 Kids' Church instructors will contact parents via
                 text message if necessary during service.

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Calling All Singers!

The Choir will be meeting weekly.  Please Join them on Sunday mornings at 9am if you are interested in singing praises to Our King in perfect harmony.  Please Contact our Music Director, Julie-Ann for more information.